When Participating in Sports, Choose the Right Lenses

When Participating in Sports, Choose the Right Lenses

It’s important to choose the right lenses when participating in outdoor sports. Tints, mirror coatings, polarized and anti-reflective coatings can help you play better and protect your vision.

Always make sure that the lenses you’re using match the conditions of your sport:

Snow Sports
Glare from the sun on the snow can be a significant problem for skiers and snowboarders. Polarized lenses would be appropriate for recreational athletes, as they eliminate nearly all reflected glare; however, professional athletes would benefit from mirrored lenses. A mirror coating reduces glare while still allowing the skier or snowboarder to see contrasts to avoid ice and water patches.

Water Sports
To block the horizontal reflected wave of light from water, polarized lenses should be used on the water. Another option is to buy glasses with coloured lenses and an anti-reflective (AR) coating. For example, a fisherman might wear brown lenses with an AR coating that allows them to easily see in the shallow bottom of the water.

Cycling and Running
Mirror coatings are recommended for cyclists and runners because they help reduce glare while still allowing the person to see road conditions. Cyclists and runners would also benefit from glasses that wrap around, which helps keep out dust, debris and protects against peripheral light.

To enjoy playing sports while keeping safe, it’s always important to match your lenses to the conditions of the sport.

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