What to Expect Wearing Glasses for the First Time

What to Expect Wearing Glasses for the First Time

Wearing glasses for the first time comes with a steep learning curve. In addition to getting used to seeing clearly, you’ll likely need time to adjust to a new routine. We’ve outlined three things to expect that you might overlook when first wearing glasses.

Expect to Misplace Your Glasses
If you’ve never worn glasses before, you likely won’t have a routine to store them, leading to a frustrating game of hide and seek with your new frames. To avoid misplacing glasses, always store them in a case and put them in the same spot, whether it’s the kitchen counter or bedside table. After a few weeks, you’ll easily fall into the routine and won’t have to spend time tracking down where you left your glasses.

Expect Smudges
When wearing glasses for the first time, you might be surprised how easily they can smudge and how often they actually need to be cleaned. We recommend cleaning glasses at least once a day to prevent eye strain, but if you carry around a microfibre cloth, you’ll be able to wipe away smudges as needed.

Expect to Have Adjustments
Your glasses should be professionally fitted by an optician before you leave the store, but you might find you need some adjustments after a week or two. Wearing glasses for the first time can be uncomfortable but you might need to have some professional adjustments if the discomfort persists.

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