Tips to Adjust to Progressive Lenses

Tips to Adjust to Progressive Lenses

Making the switch to progressive lenses can be freeing for many people. Instead of squinting to read fine-print or having to constantly switch to another pair of glasses, you’re able to see clearly at all distances. However, the first time wearing progressive lenses can feel a bit strange, like you’re riding a bike for the first time, but following our tips should have you seeing clearly and comfortably in no time!

Tips to Adapt to Progressive Lenses
The best way to get used to your new prescription lenses is to simply wear the progressive lenses all the time—don’t go back to your single-vision glasses. You need to give your eyes some time to adjust to the change. For most people, within a week they’re completely adjusted.

It’s normal to notice some blurring in your peripheral vision while adjusting to progressive lenses and even experience dizziness. To ease any discomfort during the transition, many people find it helpful to make small head adjustment to be able to look directly at objects.

If you have any questions or concerns with your new progressive lenses, you can always stop-in and speak with a Hakim Optical optician. They can check to ensure you have a proper fit and make any adjustments you might need.

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