Time to Schedule Back to School Eye Exams

Time to Schedule Back to School Eye Exams

The start of the school year is a hectic time and it can be hard to adjust to new routines, organize after-school activities and ensure your child has all the supplies they need for a successful school year. Amid the hustle and bustle, make sure to schedule back to school eye exams for the whole family. It’s important for kids to have good vision to do well in school and it’s a perfect time for parents to get an exam as well.

To learn at their highest level, children need to see properly. Uncorrected vision problems could present a barrier in academics, athletics and social life. Since a child’s vision usually doesn’t stabilize until about 20 years of age—it’s important that they have comprehensive eye exams done each and every year.

During a back to school eye exam, an optometrist will review a patient’s health and vision history before conducting a comprehensive exam that tests for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, colour perception, depth perception and focusing ability. If needed, after the exam, the optometrist will recommend corrective eyewear.

This year, Hakim Optical has brought back our popular back to school promotion where you can receive two pairs of complete glasses for only $199. However, this year, we’ve added a positive twist. To help all children succeed at school, every promotional sale will come with a voucher for a free pair of kid glasses! You can use the voucher for your own child, pass it off to a friend or donate it to a child in need. The Ontario Teacher Insurance Plan will use the donated vouchers to ensure glasses make their way to children who need them.

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