The Best Glasses for Boating

The Best Glasses for Boating

Just because you need prescription eyeglasses doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy outdoor activities—you just need to make sure that you select the right glasses. With the abundance of water in Canada, many people spend their summers boating—so it’s important to choose the best glasses when on the water.

UV Protection and Polarized Lenses
One of the biggest concerns with boating is the glare (or reflection) of the sun off the water, so it’s important to have the proper UV protection on lenses. To help ensure safety while boating, the best glasses to wear are ones that have polarized lenses. These types of lenses are designed to absorb horizontal light waves—and allow vertical waves to pass—dramatically reducing glare.

Lens Material
There are some hazards associated with boating, so when selecting lens material you’ll want to go with an impact-resistant or shatterproof lens. Often the best glasses for boating will have polycarbonate lenses as opposed to traditional glass lenses.

Frame Material
It’s also important to consider the frame material of glasses for boating. While metal frames might be stylish—they’re not the best choice for people that will be spending time in near water. Metal frames can corrode from the constant exposure to salt and water, so a plastic frame would be the better option for boaters.

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