Suffering from Winter Dry Eyes? Try these Tips!


Winter in Canada can be harsh. You need extra layers of clothing to venture outside and the snow and ice can make it tricky to get around. In addition, the air can become extremely dry—causing a number of problems, from static and shocks to dry eyes. If you suffer from dry eyes, we have some suggestions to alleviate the irritation.

Keep Eyes Hydrated
One way to avoid irritation is to keep your eyes hydrated. Artificial tears can provide the relief that you need—just make sure to follow the directions. Also, ensure that you’re drinking enough water as it can affect your eye health. Many people also find that a humidifier helps with symptoms as it returns moisture into the air.

Switch to Glasses
Sometimes wearing contact lenses for too long in the winter can contribute to dry eyes. If you wear contacts, considering giving your eyes a break and switch to glasses.

If your eyes are continually dry and none of the above suggestions provide any relief—schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. An eye care professional can perform a full exam to ensure there are no underlying symptoms of your dry eyes and provide additional recommendations.

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