Importance of Properly Fitted Glasses


One of the biggest complaints from people who wear glasses is that they keep falling down. Usually, glasses that won’t stay on your face are a result of a poor fit and can be remedied fairly easily by a licensed optician. It’s extremely important to have properly fitted glasses because they can cause a number of different vision and comfort problems.

Importance of Properly Fitted Glasses
In addition to being a nuisance, ill-fitting glasses can negatively affect vision and eye health. When frames continually fall down your nose—you could be tempted to just take them off—straining your vision and causing eye fatigue.

Additionally, when glasses aren’t properly fitted, you could notice that your vision isn’t as clear as it should be because the prescription isn’t centered on your eyes. Part of the opticians fitting is to measure the pupillary distance (PD) and an incorrect (or missing) PD measurement could cause vision complications

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