Iconic Glasses

Pin up model

There are certain people that are just known for the glasses they wear. You can’t imagine seeing them without their signature frames. We’ve rounded up some of the best Hakim Optical frames that remind us of some of our favourite celebs in our first ever Iconic Glasses Roundup!

Kimbers Frames
These thick, black frames are reminiscent of frames worn by the world famous Buddy Holly. Just like the musician was ahead of his time musically, these frames are ahead of their time in fashion.

Lennon Frames

How can you see these glasses and not immediately think of The Beatles? The Fab Four sported a number of round, coloured glasses during their time in the spotlight. Rock out with your own pair of Beatles inspired frames.

Reegan Frames
Katy Perry is known for sporting bright, cat-eyed glasses. We think this pair of Reegan frames would fit right into Ms. Perry’s eyewear rotation.

Airiana Frames

Big, dark sunglasses were Audrey Hepburn’s style. We have a number of frames that we think she would’ve loved, but these classy Airiana frames are one of our favourites.

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