High-Index Lenses for Strong Prescriptions


When choosing glasses, it’s not just about picking a frame that you like, you also have to take into account your prescription and what type of lenses are best for your needs. That’s why it’s extremely important to work with a licensed optometrist. For example, people that have a strong prescription will want to look at using high-index lenses and complementary frames.

High-Index Lenses
Higher prescriptions traditionally required a thicker lens because more material is needed to correct the refractive error. These lenses are usually very thick on the edges and can be quite heavy. As technology has improved, high-index lenses have been developed that are thinner and lighter than traditional lenses. Additionally, high-index lenses can help reduce distortion that is common with stronger prescriptions.

People that have extremely strong prescriptions would likely benefit from a thinner and lighter lens that still provides the vision correction needed.

Choosing the Right Frames
When you have a high prescription, it’s also important to choose a frame that complements the lenses. Since lenses for strong prescriptions will be thicker, there are some frames that are better suited for style and comfort. For example, while rimless frames are fashionable, they might not be the best option for strong prescriptions—even with high-index lenses.

The best frames for a strong prescription tend to be smaller rounded or oval frames. Not only do these frames fit thicker prescriptions, they can also reduce distortion that is typical with higher prescriptions.

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