Five Eye Myths Busted

Five Eye Myths Busted

There can be a lot of misinformation about how to properly maintain your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy. Over the years, we’ve heard some interesting theories about eye care from our customers and have collected the top five eye myths that just won’t seem to go away.

Eye Myth #1 – Carrots are magic food for eyes
There is a link between food and eye health, but contrary to popular belief, carrots will not correct vision problems. Vitamin A, which is found in carrots, are rich in this antioxidant and can help keep eyes healthy but so are dark green leafy veggies and fresh fruits.

Eye Myth #2 – Eyesight will automatically get worse with age
Eyes will change as you age but there are a number of things you can do to keep your eyes and vision intact. Eating healthy, scheduling regular eye exams and avoiding destructive habits like smoking and drinking can help keep your eyes young.

Eye Myth #3 – Vision will change because of poor lighting
Many people have heard their mothers scold that reading in poor light will damage your eyesight. The truth is your eyes will become strained and tired and could lead to dizziness or headaches, but you won’t permanently damage your vision.

Eye Myth #4 – Only those with poor vision need regular eye exams
Eye health is a part of total body health and just like you get regular physicals, it’s important to schedule regular eye exams—even if you don’t notice a change in your vision. Comprehensive eye exams can catch eye diseases early—before there are even symptoms.

Eye Myth #5 – Eyes need a rest from glasses and contacts
If an optometrist prescribes corrective eyewear, please use them. Trying to navigate everyday tasks without glasses or contacts will strain eyes and could cause headaches or dizziness. Use prescription eyewear as your doctor has recommended.

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