Create a Halloween Costume Around Your Glasses

Create a Halloween Costume Around Your Glasses

There are some characters that are instantly identifiable because of their glasses. This year, if you’re struggling to find a Halloween costume, take some inspiration from the type of glasses you wear and make a quick and simple outfit, without breaking the bank.

Harry Potter If you’re currently wearing round, brown frames—grab a wand and a cape and you can pull off a believable Harry Potter costume.

There are a number of glasses that could complete this outfit but pictured here are the Valencio frames.

Where’s Waldo An iconic character with black glasses is Waldo. Complete your Halloween costume with a red and white striped shirt and a little hat and you can easily vanish into a large crowd.

The Margo frames would be a perfect choice for this costume.

Clark Kent Look in the back of your closet for a suit and tie and make sure to wear academic glasses to dress up as Clark Kent. A Superman t-shirt under a button-down shirt can really help sell this Halloween costume.

Our Klear Black frames are a good option for this particular getup.

Tina Belcher The cornerstone of Bob’s Burgers character Tina Belcher is square, black glasses. Grab a blue shirt, blue skirt and a yellow hair clip to complete the outfit.

An ideal pair of frames for this costume is our Kimbers glasses.

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