Contact Lens Misuse Could Hurt Your Vision

Contact Lens Misuse Could Hurt Your Vision

Many people that wear contact lenses don’t make the connection that lenses are prescribed medical devices. Too often, we hear of people buying contacts online without a prescription, over-wearing a pair or not following proper hygiene when handling lenses. Contact lens misuse can hurt your vision and could even cause eye-damage.

Outdated Prescriptions
With the sale of contact lenses online, some online retailers don’t require customers to submit a valid prescription. Since prescriptions change over time, it’s imperative to have regular eye exams to ensure your contact lens prescription is accurate. Wearing contacts with an outdated prescription can cause headaches and eyestrain.

Overwearing Contacts
A common contact lens misuse is overwearing lenses. There are different types of disposable contacts lenses including monthly, bi-weekly and daily and it’s important to adhere to the outline wear schedule. Over time, deposits can build up on contacts and the lens itself can deteriorate—causing eye irritation and vision problems.

Neglecting Proper Hygiene
Some people don’t take the proper hygiene steps when using contact lenses, which can lead to a number of different eye and vision issues. It’s important to always wash your hands before handling lenses, use new solution for cleaning and storing, and to take out contacts before going to bed.

Contact lens misuse could hurt your vision, so it’s important to treat them like the prescribed medical devices that they are.

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