Best Lens Coatings for Canadian Summers

Best Lens Coatings for Canadian Summers

Make the most out of your summer and be sure you have the right lens coatings on your glasses to enjoy the warmth, sunshine and fun summertime activities!

UV Protection
Exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays has been linked to cataracts, retinal damage and other vision problems. When spending time outside, it’s extremely important to protect eyes and vision with proper UV protection.

Mirror Coating
In addition to looking trendy, a reflective mirror lens coating provides summertime eye protection. If you plan on spending any time on or near the water, the sun glare reflection can be blinding. A mirror coating can help prevent damage from glares as well as providing full UV protection.

Water Repellent
During light summer showers, it’s frustrating to have your glasses collect water and impair your vision. With a water repellent lens coating, the water droplets run off lenses helping clear vision in less-than-ideal weather conditions when on the lake boating. An added bonus is that a water repellent coating also provides protection again fingerprint smudges.

Adding a scratch-resistant lens coating actually makes the lenses harder, helping to protect them from any accidental damage. This is especially useful during the summertime when people tend to be more active and there’s a greater chance to drop glasses.

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