Be Careful with Costume Contact Lenses for Halloween


In pursuit of the perfect Halloween costume, some people turn to decorative or costume contact lenses to change their eyes. Be aware that these unregulated lenses could jeopardize your vision and can cause eye injury. Hakim Optical wants to ensure that you protect your eye health during Halloween and only wear contact lenses that have been fitted and prescribed by an eye care professional.

Many times novelty lenses advertise that they don’t require a prescription or fitting. However, contact lenses are not a “one-size fits all” kind of product. Lenses have to be fit to your specific eyes to prevent corneal scratching or other eye injuries. Buying and wearing lenses that have not been fit to your eyes could cause serious damage.

Another potential hazard comes from people that don’t usually wear contact lenses trying to wear them for the first time on Halloween. There is often an adjustment period when people first start wearing contact lenses and a licensed optician can help people navigate the sometimes frustrating process of learning how to safely put in and take out their contacts. For those wearing novelty contact lenses for the first time, they could damage their eyes trying to put in these contact lenses without proper instruction.

Remember, contact lenses are corrective eyewear — they require an eye exam and prescription to obtain. Any product that advertises itself as a cosmetic or decorative contact lenses that don’t require a prescription should be avoided as they can seriously damage your vision.

If you’re looking into coloured contact lenses, make sure to protect your vision — don’t use decorative or costume contact lenses.

Hakim Optical wishes you a safe and healthy Halloween!

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