What is a Contact Lens Exam?

What is a Contact Lens Exam?

If you’ve never worn contact lenses before, you’ll need to schedule a contact lens exam before the eye doctor will issue you a prescription.

Eye Exam vs. Contact Lens Exam
If you go in for a regular eye exam, the doctor will look at the general health of your eyes, test your vision and if needed, provide a prescription for glasses. If you want to have contacts, the doctor needs time to perform additional tests and take extra measurements. That’s why it’s important to ask for both when scheduling your exam.

When you go in for a contact lens exam, you can expect the doctor to ask some questions about your lifestyle to determine if you’re a good candidate for contacts and to provide a recommendation on dailies, weeklies or monthlies.

You should also expect the doctor to measure the health and curvature of your cornea and possibly the size of your pupil. All these measurements will help the doctor prescribe the right size lenses. In certain instances, you might also have to undergo a tear evaluation. During this test, the doctor is looking for signs of dry eyes, which could limit the amount of time you should be wearing contact lenses.

After receiving your contact lens prescription, you could be given a trial pair of contact lenses to ensure they feel comfortable and might be asked to come back in a few days or a week for an evaluation.

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