Tips for Dealing with Lost Glasses on Vacation

Tips for Dealing with Lost Glasses on Vacation

The best way to deal with lost glasses on vacation is to have prepared for the possibility before you left! Always pack an extra set of glasses, carry your prescription with you and pack a small eyeglass repair kit.

It’s always best to travel with two pairs of glasses. If you’re taking a plane to your vacation destination, make sure your extra pair is packed in your carry-on, not checked luggage. After arriving at your destination, keep your extra pair wherever you keep your passport, so you know they’re in a safe space.

It’s also a good idea to travel with a copy of your glasses prescription. Lost glasses can be replaced easier if you have a valid prescription with you. If you’re travelling within Canada, many Hakim Optical locations have one-hour labs, so you could replace glasses quickly with a valid prescription. If travelling outside of Canada, you might want to check to make sure a Canadian prescription is valid where you are going.

While a repair kit won’t help with lost glasses, it can help if you accidentally drop or sit on them. You can purchase inexpensive repair kits that come with extra screws, screwdriver, mini-tweezers, hinge rings and extra nose pads.

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