Best Eyeglasses to Complement Face Shape

Best Eyeglasses to Complement Face Shape

You have a number of choices when it comes to picking eyeglasses: colour, material and frame shape. For some people, it can be overwhelming to try and find the best frames because there are so many choices. Often, it’s best to start with frames that complement your face shape as they’ll likely be the most comfortable and can highlight your features.

Square Faces

The best frames for a square face are full, round frames—the Brozal also has a bold colour choice. Another option is to choose frames that are a bit more angular, like our Jovanna eyeglasses.



Heart-Shaped Faces

To complement a sharp jawline, choose bold frames. A style like our Cidelia frame has a unique shape and colour combination with the Bonita frame.



Oval Faces

Those with an oval-shaped face usually look good in a variety of frames. For example, the rectangular shape Roma frames or the retro-inspired Laurinda eyeglasses would both be good options.



Round Faces

Square or boxy frames are the best frames for a square face. The Anastazia Pink frames are an airy choice while the Asia frames are bolder in colour.

Anastazia Pink


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