Best Contact Lens Brand

Best Contact Lens Brand

There are a variety of contact lens brands on the market. Finding the best lenses for you will depend on your lifestyle and vision needs.

Contact Lens Care
To keep eyes healthy, you need to properly wear, clean and store contact lenses. If you don’t think you can keep up the daily requirements of lens care, you might opt for a brand that offers daily disposable lenses.

Overnight Wear
Some people might need, or want, to be able to wear contacts overnight. There are only a few brands that have been formulated to allow large amounts of oxygen to pass, so if this is important, ensure you’re choosing lenses that are specifically formulated for long, overnight use such as Air Optix Night & Day.

Coloured Lenses
In addition to vision correction, you might want to enhance or change eye colour. Not all brands have this feature, so if you’re interested in coloured contacts, look for a reputable brand that incorporates colour into their vision correction lenses.

Vision Needs
If you have Astigmatism or are both nearsighted and farsighted, you’ll need to find contact lenses that fit your vision needs. Toric contact lenses have a special shape to correct Astigmatism while multifocal lenses can reduce or eliminate the use of reading glasses.

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