A Winter Driving Hazard You Might Have Overlooked

A Winter Driving Hazard You Might Have Overlooked

Driving in Canada during the winter can be treacherous. Snowstorms, ice and slushy roads all pose a danger, but there’s a winter driving hazard you might have overlooked—the sun.

We tend to think of winter as dreary and overcast, but there are actually plenty of sunny days. This misconception leads to people leaving the house without sunglasses, which can make driving uncomfortable or dangerous. An added winter driving hazard is when bright, white snow reflects sunlight—potentially causing blinding conditions.

During the winter months, the sun is also lower on the horizon, which is another overlooked winter driving hazard. With the sun lower—especially during morning and evening commutes—there’s an increased potential for sun glares, which can temporarily blind drivers.

To help keep you safe on the road this winter, make sure to take some precautions.

  • Always travel with a set of polarized sunglasses to help reduce the glare of the sun.
  • Drive cautiously and be sure to leave plenty of distance between the car in front of you.
  • Consider adjusting the time when you’re driving to avoid driving directly towards the sun or take an alternate route.
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